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Our Misson

Sai Kung is the only place where you can see low rises and narrow alleys filled with the best local shops and cafés. Famous for its stunning natural environment and excellent outdoor activities, whether you’re heading out for a junk trip or a hike, our sandwiches are the perfect pairing to bring along with you.

Crunch & Munch Bakery opened in 2017 and is located along one of the main streets of Sai Kung. We serve coffee, bagels and sandwiches to your liking. Our menu has over 24 different sandwiches with the option to create your own sandwiches from our provided sandwich fillings. All of our ingredients are sourced from high quality suppliers and each sandwich is prepared on order and served hot. 

Sai Kung is notorious for being crowded during holidays, festivals and during weekends, to save time and guarantee convenience, we have created this online store to ensure that you have easy access to our sandwiches and coffees.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday (Closed on Tuesday): 7am to 8pm
Sat/ Sun and Public Holidays: 8am to 6:30pm