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Sai Kung is the only a place where you can see low rises and narrow alleys filled with the best local shops and cafés. It offers excellent outdoor events, such as boat trips to gorgeous beaches and hiking adventures at the country park. Both tourists or local residents alike, appreciate the natural landscape and coastal recreation areas, alfresco seafood restaurants and floating markets – the treasure of Hong Kong.

Crunch & Munch Bakery opened in 2017 and is located along one of the main streets of Sai Kung. Our aim is to provide home and good quality products to local residents and overseas tourists.

According to District Council District 2019, the projected population in Sai Kung is approximately 470,000 people, where locals wake up early rushing for work, school and market from the early hours of 6 a.m. Crunch & Munch Bakery  opens at 7a.m. and serve the best coffee and bagels, baguettes with high-quality ingredients on the premises to our Sai kungers. In the weekend, the tourists like to pick their flavorful drinks and sandwiches for various site seeing trips.

Sai Kung is crowded during holidays, festivals and on weekends, to save time and provide convenieniece, Crunch & Munch Bakery creates this on-line shop to ensure our neighborhood will has easy access to the most delicious sandwiches and coffee. Order a drink and sandwich now, and enjoy the spirit of Sai Kung!

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